Staffordshire Tuition
Staffordshire Tuition
Staffordshire Tuition

Windsor House
5A King Street
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We teach students of all ages, from KS1 to AS and A2.
Our courses are developed around the four stages of learning:
  1. Knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Acquiring and developing skills.
  3. Selecting and applying skills and ideas.
  4. Evaluating and improving performance.

The stages feed into each other into a cycle which promotes future learning. At Staffordshire Tuition, the stages are an integral part of the formulation of courses and individual learning plans. The courses are developed from the initial assessment. They also incorporate appropriate homework to consolidate class learning.
Courses are arranged into three distinct types:


This builds the knowledge base of individuals who are behind in their learning or have gaps in their knowledge.


This type of course is for students whose general knowledge of their subject is average to expectations. It reinforces what students already know and develops their skills and understanding in order to push them to the higher grades.


Extension courses are for students who have a strong grasp of their subject and need to be challenged to achieve their optimum performance levels.
We run courses in Maths, English, Science, IT, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and Entrance Exams for grammar or private schools. We also teach other subjects on request (please contact us for further information).
We also run courses on exam techniques and best practice. Our courses are updated to reflect the latest developments in education and the exams. They reflect the modular and linear courses on offer in schools.

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