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Staffordshire Tuition
Staffordshire Tuition

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Courses - English

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Our English courses seek to improve overall communication skills. We teach across the school age range from KS1 to A2 and adults. They focus on the following:
  • Reading - improving word recognition and fluency when reading. We also develop comprehension skills in order to answer questions in reading tests appropriately. We develop understanding of texts by using a range of reading material.
  • Writing - we develop writing skills for imaginative and analytical writing.
  • Spelling and Grammar - we teach appropriate rules, conventions and strategies in spelling.
  • Speaking and Listening - we develop presentation and listening skills.

Our courses are built around the examining boards and reflect the latest trends in education.

AS and A2 Courses

Courses for AS and A2 are tailored to students according to the requirements of their examining board and individual needs.

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