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Testimonials - Parents / Guardians

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Mrs A Smith

I'm not sure where to start in thanking you for your hard work with our boy Jack! You seemed to have managed what all his teachers failed to do, that is release his potential and give him faith in his own ability. In just a few short months he has been happier and more positive than I have seen him for ages. I know he has enjoyed the stimulation of talking to you and also the one-one attention the tutoring has given him. I am hoping now that he takes forward the skills and knowledge he has gained at your hands, and uses them to secure his future. We may be in touch with you before then!!

Mrs D Anderson

Staffordshire Tuition has exceeded all my expectations for my child. They have been exceedingly helpful in tutoring my child in Maths, English, Science and now French, boosting her confidence and ability in all these subjects. The tutors care about the progress of each child and give me feedback after each lesson on what my child has done and how well. She has been regularly assessed on the progress she has made and her lessons have been tailored to her needs. It has been positive from the very start and will, I am sure, continue to be so as my child continues her education.

Mrs C Walker

Charlotte has been with Staffordshire Tuition for one year. The tutors have taken time to feedback and update myself as a parent on Charlotte's progress throughout the year, in a very professional manner. Charlotte has developed confidence in her subjects, both in class and at school, which has resulted in her moving to a higher band in her next school year. I am very pleased, as is Charlotte, in her achievements and she will continue to attend Staffordshire Tuition in the coming year.

Mr W Maddox

I feel that Staffordshire Tuition have rejuvenated parts of the curriculum, thereby achieving the highest standard possible for the student.
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